“Create the essence of an unprecedented life, with the strength of your own thoughts, or be bound to exist at the mercy of circumstances.”

      Welcome, I am Jonathan Martins, mostly known for being a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who sailed across the Pacific alone and for the passion of Philosophy whilst living modestly through conscious consumerism, out of the personal desire of leading a less ordinary life.
      The essence of the quote above is what made me embark upon another sail journey, this time departing from England to go all the way to New Zealand, the farthest place on earth one can sail to, by sea. The value of this journey is not in the sailing itself but to bring light to Philosophy for children( P4C ), a world wide initiative, backed by UNESCO, to bring logic and argumentative reason to be taught in our conventional education.
      After 10 years of sailing, and hundreds of days of absolute solitude in the open wild, the randomness of thoughts glancing at the immensity of the oceans makes one’s contemplation of the way we lead our lives inevitable.

      In 2014, I realised that I could no longer live with myself, knowing so many aspects of human life surrounding me, unless I did something to bring light of these topics to the public.
      The original idea was of inviting a few friends who were like minded, to make a documentary whilst sailing across the entire Pacific. It was the biggest failure of my life, not only financially but also philosophically.
      After coming to terms with my defeat, I realized that the reason why we do not lead our lives in a different manner, it is not due to lack of information, education or even utter ignorance. It is out of lack of interest. It is lack of desire of making conscious improvements to a lifestyle, if any sort of discomfort is incurred.
      Today, the internet is plagued with a million ways to tackle any particular subject in the most conscious way. How could another documentary with very little unknown content be of any importance?

       We all know that we are officially thrashing the planet. No need to hear about it anymore on social media. Nobody wants to be told how to live their lives, or how incorrect it is, as many gurus from far away remind us.
       A bullet point list, defining the conscious-way of life, would become obsolete the minute it gets printed out. At every second elapsed, our encounters with the world change us. It is ignorance to apply a static condition onto a dynamic being.
      While visiting a very-close friend and spending quality time with his astute 3-year old, I wondered why children of early age were not exposed to learning by inquiry, quality of philosophy that I so much love.
      That same day, an innocent Google “philosophy children” revealed a change of course, that would affect my entire life. Hope: the abstract idea that joy could take place.
      The solution is not in lecturing but in thinking. We lead lives of making choices, like in a test, options A through D. Nothing ever goes outside that scope. We are no longer thinking outside the known, and less yet creating the unknown.

      It is common to hear of one’s dissatisfaction and blame of their education, as a wasteful time and somewhat responsible for the debt ensued. Hatred of mathematics and language whilst sympathy for sports and arts. The path of least resistance is by choice followed by the vast majority.
      Conventional education hasn’t been designed to exercise a child’s cognitive abilities and neither to “spark” passion for learning. The curriculum showers one with ready-made answers to be memorized instead of forcing the intellect to inquire solutions, on its own.
      The results are symptomatic of individuals of a society who cannot think independently, merely knowing WHAT to think and feel, instead of HOW to think and interpret new encounters with existence.
      P4C works exactly on these subjects, to make sure that a child’s future will be constituted of living among individuals who create answers with their own thoughts instead of desperately demanding them.

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Distance: 12,700nm (23,500kms)