Define Freedom

In an interview in Grand Canaria, a German journalist “cornered” me with “What is freedom?”

Faithful to my axioms, keeping in mind the human predisposition to idolize words and concepts, the mind thought of Socrates, Jesus and Augustine. Idealist men, who fearlessly put “their money where their mouth was” in the face of death.

So I claimed it was “transparency”, which in philosophy is the antonym of cynicism. Doing as you say, saying as you think. It makes thoughts the reflection of actions, all beautifully aligned and congruent.

He then asked: “Being who you are and with what you do in sailing, are you free?”

My answer: “In our era, if a man is transparent, doing and saying what he thinks, he will never seduce nor get in bed with a beautiful woman.”

He hit back: “And how about you?”

Half grinning, I answered: “I love getting laid.”