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Breaking free

DAY 9 – Sunday, September 24th Started making good use of the sat-phone. Some revealing information from Bob MacDavitt’s WeatherGram. ITCZ is much lower than normal, which answers the abnormal head winds experienced and abnormally high amount of rain spells. On sat-phone’s Saildocs, I also found a little trick to get information on currents, which will allow us to be sitting on the South Equatorial…

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Departure from Panama

Friday, the only day a sailor should never leave port, along with a boat’s name that should never be changed from its original launch day. Stories of catastrophes are countless, and through personal experience in the Pelican voyage, the subjectivity of superstitions is a real fact. I question how many of these abstract concepts, are active in our lives. How many of these traditions, gifted…

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Last sunset in Panama

Hard to believe it is already mid September, exactly 364 days from the departure from England. When I flew out of NZ this May, I thought arrival back home would be sometime around September. It’s been more complicated than I visioned. The heat this year has been stuppendous. The passages from Sint Maarten and from Aruba were by far the most uncomfortable ones to my…

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